Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Target GC Giveaway

One way to help your kids from getting at each other's throats this summer is to encourage service, and good behaviour!  I've posted about the Smiley Face Store before, but I'll do it again.   You could make up your own play money or tickets.  Get the kids involved with the ticket making if you like. 

Leave a Smiley Face on their bed if they make it without being asked. 
Or how about when they share their toys happily.
Or pick up trash off of the sidewalk.

The possibilities are endless!

If you have really little kids, it would be best to have your store each week, or every other week.  This way they can mentally look forward to it.  If it's too far away, it may be too difficult to be motivated.

But for older kids (5-8 year olds) it's good for them to see what's in the store and SAVE their tickets if they don't have enough.  This will help them to learn patience and know that they can earn things on their own.

It's nice to have things that don't cost too many tickets too.  This way they don't get discouraged if they're trying to save for a bigger item.

Ideas for your Smiley Face Store:

For older kids:

Movie tickets
gift cards
fun stationary
hair accessories
beach towel

For little kids:

hot wheels
coloring books/crayons
dolls/stuffed animal
My Little Ponies
bouncy balls

The possibilities are endless...

The dollar store is a great place for prizes. 
And another awesome place to look for prizes it at Target.  You know those dollar bins? Yes...LOVE them!
Enter Here: mommytools

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