Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Pampers’ Little Miracle Mission challenge is currently hosting a yearlong celebration of every little miracle.  Once they exceeded 2,500 pledges Pampers was going to respond by giving baby showers to expectant mothers nationwide. If you missed it, that’s okay because anyone who pledges still today is automatically entered to win a year’s supply of Pampers diapers and wipes (which could definitely be a God send for any mother).
Again, if you missed Mission 1, that’s okay because Mission 2 has started and once Pampers’ pledge count reaches 4,000 commitments to complete missions, Pampers will throw special Father’s Day cook-outs for dads and their babies across the country (as a way of helping dads and their babies bond). So, if you haven’t committed to the challenge, I hope you’ll consider it now.
I was sent a $50 AMEX Gift Card, from Pampers, to make a little miracle happen for someone in need. It only took me a second to remember that Patience told me, about a week before, that one of her teacher’s had a daughter with cancer and that she was only 2 years old. At that very moment; the moment I received the gift card, Little Maddie was the person that popped in my head. I couldn’t wait to give her a basket full of goodies because I knew she could use the cheering up (as could her mother)
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