Wednesday, May 4, 2011

$20 GC to Gourmet Orchards

——-This week, I had a chance to delve into Gourmet Orchards Unshelled Peanuts, 1 of 7 tasty varieties, in this week’s feature. Processed in small batches, and slow roasted in the shell for perfection, these classics are sure to hearken memories of afternoons at the American ballpark. Sold in gift worthy 1lb bags, these picture perfect nuts are no match to commercial options. A discerning eye for quality, and commitment to flavor ensures every bag is of the highest quality. You’re sure to find a bountiful collection of beautiful shells and plump nuts, ready for a good Old Fashioned peanut naming contest. The family’s sure to enjoy identifying the naturally curious shells and shapes, just as they do clouds, before cracking open the tender shell to reveal the true prize inside.
———As I’ve been conditioned to expect, this bag of Unshelled Peanuts was no exception to Gourmet Orchards standards, with carefully roasted whole peanuts bursting with flavor. I was reminded of Mother’s homemade peanut butter, and even detected the faint sound of a Circus Elephant’s trumpet (now that’s powerful!). At $3.99/.5 lb, or just $4.99/lb, these make the perfect Spring afternoon snack, or  Blend a 1/4 cup of shelled Gourmet Orchards peanuts with 2 cups of Chex Mix for savory indulgence. In my family we keep a bowl of Unshelled Peanuts on the coffee table all year round- why not create your own family memories with Gourmet Orchards?

One lucky Gourmet Orchards follower will win a $20 Gourmet Orchards Gift Certificate!
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