Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scentsy Giveaway!!

............In order to celebrate having over 100 followers AND my two-yearblogiversary I am having not just one...but TWO giveaways!!

The first giveaway is for a $25 gift certificate forScentsy.

LOVE Scentsy. If you've never used it this is the perfect opportunity to find out just what it's all about! Scentsy is a flameless wickless candle company. They sell many different types of warmers in 3 convenientsizes, large, medium and plug ins. They offer scented wax that melts via a small light bulb.
I am super sensitive to smells and air fresheners. I love Glad plug-ins but can no longer use them because they give me migraines. I was skeptical of Scentsy when I first tried it but now I am hooked!! No headaches, no mess to clean up. The house smells wonderful!
Scentsy also offers:
--> disk circles... I hung these in my car. It was PERFECT!
--> room sprays...just right if you want to freshen up a room in a hurry!
--> travel tins... perfect for you car!
--> scent buddy... cute, snuggly stuffed animals that you place a scent pack of your favorite scent inside for a snuggly, soft, sweet smelling toy! They are perfect baby gifts!


Enter HERE: adventureswiththeabramyans

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