Thursday, April 14, 2011

Manhattan Toy: Boysterous Action Figures Review & Giveaway

Kaden loves action figures and role playing. He will sit for long periods of time playing and making his stuffed animals and other toys talk and interact with each other. When I was asked to review a product from Manhattan Toy, I knew Boysterous Boys Action Figures was something he would love to play with.
We received two action figures Boysterous Boy Goalie Gavin andBoysterous Boy Slope Shreddin Sean.  Each action figure measures approximately 8.5 inches tall. They are made of plush material.  Their arms and legs are poseable. They also have magnetized arms, legs and accessories. For example  Gavin comes with a magnetized soccer ball and Sean’s snowboard is magnetized. Recommended ages are 3-8.
In addition to the action figures we received the Extreme Sports Zone which is a soft sided accessory.  One side is a skate park and other side is a sports field.  It lays flat for playing sports such as hockey, soccer and football or you can turn it over to the other side and it becomes a skate park. You can zip up the sides to create a half-pipe for all those cool skateboard/snowboarding moves! 
The extreme sports zone zips and velcros into a carrying tote when not in use. This is great for storing and taking your action figures on the go!
The Boysterous Boys are available from Manhattan Toy for $18.00 each. The Extreme  Sports Zone is available for $30.00
Our thoughts
Kaden loved these! I knew he would. He has played with them several times now. He loves being able to pose and bend the action figures. He makes them talk to each other and interact with each other.
Justin actually enjoyed playing with them as well. I was  surprised by that. He will be 10 in July and has never been a huge fan of action figures.  He has always loved stuffed animals. Maybe it is because they are plush and not the typical hard plastic unmovable action figures that have been more commonly available. He liked being able to pose and bend them and make them do different things. 

Both boys loved playing with them together, making up games and switching accessories back and forth.

Manhattan Toy is graciously giving one of my readers a Boysterous Boy Action Figure!
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