Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Organize your Chaos with a Giveaway!

.....The "A" shaped bookshelf has always been a bit of an issue for us in this house. In our old house it fit perfectly in the room above our garage that was my office. Here we don't seem to have many walls that are large enough to accommodate it without blocking a window. When we bought new living room furniture last year and found ourselves with a bit more open space, the shelf found its perfect home in the living room. I jumped at the chance to have a better home for our cookbooks on the bottom shelf instead of having them stacked in the impossible-to-reach cabinet above the fridge.

The new layout left us with two problems: the lamps that used to be plugged into the only outlet controlled by the switch at the bottom of the stairs were moved; and the cookbooks looked totally chaotic on the bottom shelf. We lived with both issues until S finally begged me to buy a new, smaller lamp for the shelf so he'd have light before he tripped off the bottom step in the morning. S rarely asks me to shop.

So I hit the 'net looking for lighting for S and searched the house for more baskets to better organize (hide) the cookbooks. And this weekend we went from messy looking to less messy looking:
Less messy is a good thing since the whole side of the room is now lighted up like the 4th of July thanks to a super bright bulb in the new lamp. There's no way S will miss that last step anymore.
ENTER HERE: ourlittlebeehive

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  1. Oooh - I love how that bookcase looks! I had a smaller one but it just wouldn't fit anywhere... Now I just need a bigger house :)