Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Personal Blog Post

Ok- I have made it official- this is the first time that I have written a personal blog write up...its pretty latr so I will make it short and sweet! Wow- this is pretty I really get to say anything I darn well please??! Well to start off- I am a mama to 4 kiddies and wife to the most amazing man. Our family is a team- we work together, play together , pray together. We are not a divided family and we like to keep our hands working and busy. I am a totally organic, raw foodie,eco organic soap, old fashioned,simple living mama! I love green smoothies and I advocate them especially for the kids who never eat greens! Without those and really good vitamins- I couldn't possibly keep up with my kids- So there you have it- the first glimpse into my household.  Wow- that felt good to write...Thanks for lending your ear- or should I say eyes?

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